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Kate Chapman is a coparenting and blended family expert, a widely published author, and an experienced coach. Kate has her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology, and received her coaching certification from the prestigious Georgetown University.

Coaching is about discovery.  A coach partners with a client to shape a new reality and to declare a new frontier.  Divorce and remarriage opens new frontiers for clients, forcing them to develop new coparenting skills, explore their new roles, and adjust to different expectations Kate has supported each of those changes with her clients, with outstanding results.

Still very active as a sought-after corporate coach, Kate works with a select few private personal coaching clients. Her corporate work is her vocation, her private work with the divorced and blended families is her calling.

Coaching helps clients imagine deeply to answer the questions of what’s important? What’s missing? and What’s next?  Coaching focuses on discovery, helping shed light on old patterns of behavior and the prisons they create. By working with a coach, clients can identify custom, tailored solutions to the problems that plague them.

Coaching packages begin at $399 for three 50 minute sessions.  Coaching is conducted via video conference or by phone.

For clients unable to invest in private coaching, Kate has developed The Total Coparenting Transformation,  a highly-acclaimed comprehensive private class that explores the perspective and behavior shifts necessary to move from divorce drama to peace. The class is based on the work she delivered over  6-12 months to private coparenting clients. Kate’s video course is self-paced and packed with actionable steps to deliver peace in less than 30 days and priced less than her custom coaching engagement.

Contact Kate below to inquire about openings in her coaching client roster.

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