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Our family on a bridge

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about This Life in Progress

Need help? Wondering about our big blended family? Here are the answers to many reader FAQs.

Q:  I’m struggling as a divorced parent/stepparent (or both!).  Can you help?

A:  Yes.  We’d be happy to help.  This non-traditional family stuff is tough – filled with expectations and emotion, but with so few resources to help families navigate.  Subscribe to This Life in Progress (see the sidebar) to get updates and exclusive tips.  Laugh with us on Twitter, Insta, and Facebook, where we share up to the minute happenings and tips and tricks.  Follow us on Pinterest for access to our free library of more than a thousand resources for our kinds of families.  Ask Kate your questions, or hire Kate for personal, private coaching.  You’re not alone.

Q:  How many kids do you have?  I can’t keep track!

A:  We have six children, three boys and three girls.  Simon and Sara, our teenagers are our Bigs.  Caden and Amy, the tweens, are our Middles.  Lottie and Jack are the Littles (and recently proclaimed they now have their own Little Language, so, there’s that.).  Kate brought Simon, Caden and Lottie to the family, and Gabe brought Sara, Amy and Jack.

Q:  How often do you grocery shop?

A:  We’re in the store every couple of days.  Meals are larger and noisier than most other families, but other than that, pretty normal.  We buy four gallons of milk a week though!

Q: What kind of dog is Miller?

A:  Miller is a French Bulldog.  He’s not yet two years old, so he’s the baby of our bunch.

Q:  How do you share custody?

A:  We each have shared legal and physical custody of our children with their other parent.  The kids spend half their time in our home.

Q:  Do you have all six kids at the same time?

A:  Lots of the time, yes, we do!  Kate keeps Simon, Caden and Lottie before and after school, so the Chapman three are in the house every weekday, even if they spend the night at their dad’s house.  They rotate where they spend the night on a weekly basis.  Sara, Amy and Jack are with us every other week.

Q:  Is keeping chickens hard?

A:  No, and it’s so much fun!  Stay tuned to the blog to learn much more about our chicken keeping adventures!

Q:  Do you worry about putting your story out publicly?  What about your privacy?

A:  We have thought a lot about putting our story out there, and believe that the benefit of building a community of blended families and providing real-life information to others to help in the process of blending or reduce the stigma faced by step-families outweighs our concerns around privacy.

That said, we do reserve the right to change names or identifying information on this blog.  This story belongs to Kate and Gabe, but involves many others, and we would never want to infringe on their privacy or expose them unnecessarily.

Q: You look and sound so familiar…do I know you?

A:  Probably not!  Although, more than half of Americans have family member who are blended or step, so you likely know a family with our same dynamics.  And, yes, we do know about that old television show.

In all seriousness, Kate is a contributing writer for The Huffington Post, BLUNTMoms, ScaryMommy, StepMom Magazine, Stepparent Magazine, and several others.  You may have come across our story somewhere out there on the web!

Q:  Do you get paid to promote products on your website?

A:  We are not a marketing site.  We occasionally recommend a product based on our own personal experience with that product.  When doing so, we use an affiliate link, which compensates our site for any purchases made via that link.  That money helps keep the site up and running, and is not a source of income for us.

Nevertheless, affiliate links require disclosures, so here’s ours, in legal language:

Our website may contain affiliate marketing links, which means we may get paid commission on sales of those products or services we write about. Our editorial content is not influenced by advertisers or affiliate partnerships. This disclosure is provided in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR § 255.5: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Did we answer your question?  If not, let us know!

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