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  • Sounds about right chaosandmagic
    Sounds about right.  #chaosandmagic 
  • Kiddo in the ER with possible appendicitis Dad and Stepdad
    Kiddo in the ER with possible appendicitis. Dad and Stepdad keeping him company. “Stop making me laugh - my stomach hurts”. Makes this mama so grateful for grace and healing.  #itgetsbetter   #lifeafterdivorce 
  • Preach outofthemouthofbabes
    Preach.  #outofthemouthofbabes 
  • Happy Valentines Day to the handsome hero in my favorite
    Happy Valentine’s Day to the handsome hero in my favorite love story and to you and yours! ❤️
  • Thursday work date with my middle  Hes writing Im
    Thursday work date with my middle . He’s writing, I’m reading - hearts and bellies full.  #designingyourlife