All about our blended family – how we met, fell in love, married, and spend our days together.

My Daughter was Bashful about Our Blended Family…Until This Happened

Lottie and I walk to the bus stop together every morning.  It's about a third of mile, and we spend the time admiring the the trees, spotting deer and chatting about the day ahead.  Topics are wide and free ranging, and because it's just the two of us and the dog, often include Lottie's worries [...]

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Our Tribe: How We Make Coparenting Work

Lottie is a writer.  I found her latest story on my dresser last week, and paused at the back cover.  On it, she'd illustrated a picture of herself  and written "About the Auter:  Lottie Chapman is eight years old, has seven brothers and sisters and six chickens." That was a big moment for me, standing [...]

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On Loving Your Second Choice

I didn't plan to get divorced.  I  certainly didn't plan to end up a stepmother.  Let's face it, neither of those gigs come with a side of public adoration, or even a modicum of respect, frankly. I had planned to follow a traditional path - love, marriage, baby carriage.  I had planned to live my [...]

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How We Included Our Children in Our Blended Wedding

When Gabe proposed, I was over the moon.  Like any giddy bride to be, I could not wait to walk down the aisle and become his wife.  Unlike most brides, the idea of a wedding made me instantly and wildly anxious. It wasn't the wedding itself - I love a party.  It wasn't the planning either.  It [...]

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Can’t Win for Losing? Change Your Expectations

Years ago, just after Simon was born, I remember looking at him and marveling at how completely my life had changed.  Before baby, I was a productive force to be reckoned with - I could accomplish fifteen things before walking into work.  I had my stuff together, and I knew it (humility has never been [...]

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What The Brady Bunch Taught Our Blended Family

When Gabe and I started seriously talking about getting married, we decided to put the kids in counseling. Our reasoning was solid and very adult – they’d been through the separation of their parents in the last several years, each set had established a new household with new routines, and now more change was on [...]

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Stepmother and Ally

Sara’s tall and much smarter than she thinks is normal and terribly concerned with rules and social norms. She’s athletic and musical and so dogged in her determination to practice a skill until she masters it that we’ve turned her name into a verb meaning just that. My teenage stepdaughter is at once exactly who [...]

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An Epic Win

We’re stuffed into the car running around town this summer, on the kind of morning where we have no agenda and still find ourselves busying to and fro. As often happens on this kind of morning, the kids and I are talking about internet memes, and staying away from drugs, and what’s for dinner the [...]

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Back to School, Coparenting Style

Back to school season is my favorite time of the year.  Cool weather is on the horizon, my people are busy and happy and exhausted at bedtime, and my house is quiet again. I buy in whole-heartedly to the whispered promise of fresh notebooks and sharp pencils – anything is possible.  This is the year [...]

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