All about our blended family – how we met, fell in love, married, and spend our days together.

5 Ways We Keep Our Romance Alive

In the early days of our relationship, before we lived together and jointly managed 17 weekly loads of laundry, a rotten dog and a pantry that never has any good snacks, romance came easily. Gabe left slim volumes of Pablo Neruda's poetry on my bedside table and I wrote him long love letters. We met [...]

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Our Top 10 Blended Family Traditions

Gabe and I relish the time we spend in our big blended family, and over time, have built traditions that bring us closer.  Today, we're sharing our favorites, in no particular order.  No order because all eight of us have favorites, and deciding on an ordered list would take two years. No time for that nonsense. [...]

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The Stuff We Can’t Figure Out (Yet)

The other day I met a friend for lunch and spent the meal venting about a challenge I was facing.  I was frustrated and overwhelmed and feeling like no matter how I approached the challenge, I just couldn't seem to overcome it. "I'm just no good at this," I told her. "Yet," she replied. "I'm [...]

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How Our Divorce Changed My Ex For The Better

Billy became a totally different person after our divorce The change in him wasn't obvious. He didn't take up golf or beat-boxing.   He didn't start running or become a gourmet chef. Billy's transformation existed solely in my mind. Our divorce left me shattered.  I'd loved Billy for decades, and we had enormous shared history. [...]

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That Time We Forgot All About Our Good Intentions

We're going to need a do-over. We started January with the best of intentions. Drunk off cookies and chocolate milk and those delicious mini hot dogs in puff pastry, we were going to return to eating fruits and veggies and lean proteins. We were going to return to bedtime routines and getting plenty of rest. [...]

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What Our Bird-Nesting Custody Plan Taught Us

The week after Billy and I told the children we were divorcing, we both moved out.  Or neither of us did, depending on your perspective. For the first several months of our separation, Billy and I cared for our sweeties in a custody arrangement called bird-nesting.  From the start, we both committed to putting the [...]

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Love is a Battlefield: 5 Wars I’m Waging With My Husband

Gabe and I are in love. We snuggle sleepily in bed in the mornings, text sweet nothings to each other during the workday, and slow dance in our kitchen at night after the kids are in bed.  We think similarly and are on the same side of many of the issues that plague partnerships: how we [...]

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Love Your Kid More than You Hate Your Ex?

"Mom, are most divorced people like you and Dad, or do they usually hate each other?" My son Caden and I are driving to a movie, just the two of us. Somehow, the other five children in our family are otherwise occupied, and we've ended up alone on a rare mother-son date. We're both delighted [...]

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The Ugly Truth about Blended Families

Last night, as we settled into bed with a glass of wine, Gabe shared that Caden had recently hurt his feelings.  He'd planned an outing he thought Caden would like, and Caden's response hadn't met his expectations.  It was one of a long list of disappointments my sweet husband had suffered this week. "It feels like nobody [...]

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Surviving the Stepdaughter War

My stepdaughter Amy is eleven, and has a war raging within her.  It surfaced this weekend. "That's not how mom makes potatoes," she told me as I slid the roasting pan into the oven before dinner. After her shower, she came downstairs, long hair dripping down her back. She held up the Wet/Dry hairbrush she'd begged for [...]

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