All about our blended family – how we met, fell in love, married, and spend our days together.

We’re Still in the Messy Middle and Yes, We’re Just Fine

We're settling into a booth with old friends visiting from out-of-town, happy for a night out that we've been putting off way too long, and happy for the chance to catch up with two people we love who know the good, bad, and ugly of us. "How are you?" she asks, in the way that [...]

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What I Learned When I Gave Up the Mom Hustle

Sometimes the music started in the shower. Da da da da da badumpadum, da da da da da...that 70's tune often worked its way into my head before I was fully awake.  to me. "Do it," it whispered, and I paid close attention. The Hustle was real. Email the teacher, make a meal plan, finish the client [...]

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How I Became a Blended Family Star-Seeker

I'm standing on our front walk,  shivering in the night air, dressed only in my nightie. I'm waiting for the dog to say his final goodnight to the yard, a process that involves sniffing every bush and marking his property repeatedly. Like most things with dogs and small children and the elderly, the ritual takes [...]

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What You Learn When You Can’t Go Home Again

The hot pavement blisters my feet the instant I step out of the car. I always kick my sandals off about an hour into the long ride, and in my hurry to get into the house, often leave them forgotten on the floorboards. The children stream out of the car, noisy and excited, running in and around [...]

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What it REALLY Means to Love Like a Mother

She stands in the kitchen looking at me. Her hair is stringy and needs to be brushed. She’s shifting from side to side uncomfortably, unsure of what I’m doing there or what to say. Her brother overdosed last night. Her mother is my good friend, and the swirling vortex of grief and community sucked me [...]

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This Divorced Mom’s Biggest Mistake

For a minute, I didn't understand what she said. The words just hung in the air, jumbled and meaningless. "I want to stay at Daddy's. I don't want to be here tonight." I couldn't quite catch my breath. My six year-old daughter Lottie sat watching me absorb what she'd just said. A lone tear escaped the [...]

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The Imperfect Truth About Our Perfect Blended Family Wedding

You've likely seen some of these images before. Our wedding was perfect. It was early spring and Gabe and I were madly in love. We filled our blended family's first day with lots of details that years later I still adore. But when I say it was perfect, I mean that we ended [...]

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The Troublesome Truth about Trips (and Four Ways to Cope)

This time of year always finds me itching for an escape. The regular routine of our life together seems to drone on endlessly. Check the school folders, take out the recycling, walk the dog; wash, rinse and repeat. The weather is warming just enough to make me ache for long sunny days and warm breezes, [...]

Sometimes I Forget to Add The Step

I write often about our life as a blended family. I realized recently that I haven't talked about an important part of our story. Up until now, I've focused on how our blended family is different from first families. I tell you about stepparent boundaries and loyalty binds and managing grief. I highlight all the ways [...]

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When Banana Bread Means I Love You

"Goodnight, Lottie. I love you." "Love you, Mama." "Goodnight, Jack. I love you." "Goodnight, Kate.  I mrrrmph you" Two happy eight year-olds exhausted after a long, fun day at home together.  Two sweeties tucked into bed with stories and snuggles.  Two little ones who I know love me very much. Two different good nights. We expect [...]

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