How to Coparent After Betrayal and Heartbreak

Dear Kate, My husband of 11 years left me for a coworker while I was pregnant.   I have very traditional views in terms of family and divorce, so I've been reading and receiving professional help to try and get through this time. I've been told to let it go. I'm nervous that if I do [...]

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In Love Again? Here’s When To Tell The Kids

Dear Kate, I have been dating a great guy for the last 3 months. I have a 2 year old and his father and I have been separated since he was 4 months old. Neither of us have been in relationships since our separation so my son Xander has never seen either parent in a relationship. Xander has [...]

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What To Do When The Ex Won’t Stop Talking Trash

Dear Kate, Yesterday, I had a really tough conversation with my daughter.  She told me "Daddy hates my stepdad so much.  He makes mean comments to me and expects me to agree with him. I don't agree, and I know how much my stepdad has helped me and my sister.  It hurts me, and I [...]

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How To Handle Coparenting Money Matters

Dear Kate, My husband's ex has a much higher income than we do. My husband is often left out of financial decisions and then asked to split the cost. We can't and don't want to compete. When my husband says he can't afford to split but will contribute his ex tells the children their Dad doesn't [...]

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How Do We Tell The Kids Our Divorce Story?

Dear Kate, My 16 year-old stepdaughter has done a few things to make us think she is wondering why her parents divorced. We're hoping to ease her mind by sharing more information.   Did you tell your children why you and Billy divorced? What's a kind way to go about having that conversation? What worked? [...]

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Help! His Parents Don’t Include My Children

Dear Kate, I am a divorced mom of two young girls.  I remarried two years ago, to a terrific man who had not been married before.  My husband adores my daughters and treats them as his own.   The problem is his parents, my new in-laws, do not.  While they are supportive of our relationship, [...]

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What to Do When You Really REALLY Hate His Ex

Dear Kate, What do you do when you really, REALLY dislike your partner's ex and mother of his child? It is so hard to sit back and watch the abusive texts and downright hateful and unreasonable behavior towards someone I love and know is a really good dad. It creates a lot of interference and [...]

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My Daughter Hates My Partner, Help!

Dear Kate, My significant other and I have been together for 7 years now, starting when my daughter was 8. He moved in the first year, and everyone got along well.  Her dad and I divorced when she was four, and he moved far away.   Two years ago, my partner had some serious health issues and [...]

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How To Find Strength When Sadness Strikes

Dear Kate, I'm a single mom raising two terrific kids.   I'm having trouble finding the joy in my life.  I'm focused on my two children, but feel like there's nothing beyond that for me.    I just ended my first serious relationship after my divorce.  He wasn't ready to partner and had issues with [...]

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How To Cope With Different Parenting Styles

Dear Kate, My children’s father married in September. As their wedding approached, he asked the kids what they wanted to his new wife, and pushed them to call her "S'mom for "stepmom". I didn't (and don't still) love it and asked if there was another name we could come up with that wasn't a derivation [...]

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