We’ll tell you all about the management of this crew of six – how we establish rules, plan for meals, pack for vacations and more. No guarantees that these will work for you, but what we do may spark an idea or two that helps!

Our Five Rules of Fight Club

I often describe my relationship with my husband only to find myself fighting off a swarm of bees. I love that man like crazycakes, and when I write about our love story, my words often drip with sticky sweet sentiment. And that is true and genuine and an accurate reflection of how I feel about [...]

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How We Survive Summer With Six Kids (in 5 Easy Steps)

It's coming. The children are gleefully counting down the days and parents everywhere are white-knuckle bracing for the same. Summer is almost here. With six children in our busy household, summers are epic. Epic for the children in that they involve long lazy afternoons at the lake, firefly chasing in the evenings and endless dripping popsicles. Epic [...]

Our Top Five Blended Family House Rules

When we first decided to marry, blending our two families of four into our tribe of eight, we read every book possible. Each of them recommended we establish house rules as a couple, sit down around a table for a family meeting to share the rules, and ride off happily into the sunset. We didn't do [...]

Ten Reasons This Divorced Mom is Glad It’s Dad’s Weekend

I am a divorced mom and I share custody of our three children with their dad. I write often about the sadder side of shared custody: transitions, feeling like a part-time parent, and managing grief. Today though, I am focusing on the part of shared custody divorced parents don't talk about: the I'm-happy-to-say-goodbye-this-weekend part. Why [...]

Saying Goodbye: Custody Transition Do’s and Dont’s

Years ago, when we first began sharing custody, I dreaded the time my children were with their father. I missed them terribly, and transitions triggered all my grief and guilt about our divorce. I felt like a part-time parent and the days were excruciatingly long. As the time came for the kids to leave for [...]

Coming Home: Custody Transition Do’s and Don’ts

Over the years, Billy and I have shared custody many different ways.  We've bird nested, alternated every two days, spent time in a 2/5/5/2, and most recently, adopted a week to week schedule.  While when the children change homes has varied throughout our coparenting journey, how they feel coming home on transition day has not. Transition day is [...]

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The Myth of the Part-Time Parent

When Billy and I were separating, I thought divorce meant giving up the children for half of the rest of their lives. I understand now that is a touch dramatic (and entirely wrong) but then, the thought paralyzed me. I nearly stayed in a marriage that no longer served us because I didn't want to [...]

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6 Ways to Keep Kids Safe Online

Our life by the numbers still catches me by surprise.  Six kids, seven bedrooms, four gallons of milk a week - I could go on and on.  We live in bulk.  When I recently realized we have more than 20 internet-connected devices in our home, I was shocked.   Twenty ways for our people to reach the world, [...]

This is How We Do It: Six Tips for Blended Families

I love the looks I get when I say we have six kids. People just can’t help commenting: “that’s insane,” “better you than me,” or, my personal favorite lately, “I can’t keep up with my two, how do you do six?” First, let’s be clear, we do six much the way a novice rodeo rider [...]