Broody Business: What My Chicken Taught Me About Sacrifice and Control

Buffy is broody. This has happened before, and it's terribly inconvenient. The children are afraid of our broody Buffy because she hisses and pecks. She's nothing like her normal sweet self. Frightened children don't collect eggs. They whine about whose turn it is, and dawdle on the walk to the coop and generally avoid the [...]

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Our Top Five Blended Family House Rules

When we first decided to marry, blending our two families of four into our tribe of eight, we read every book possible. Each of them recommended we establish house rules as a couple, sit down around a table for a family meeting to share the rules, and ride off happily into the sunset. We didn't do [...]

What My Fridge Taught Me About Belonging

"How do I get on the fridge?" All eight of us were crammed in the kitchen, prepping for dinner.  The Littles precariously poured the milk, delighted to have scored set-up duty.  The Middles hummed Hamilton (a staple around here lately), and the Bigs hung around picking at platters and getting their hands smacked. "What?" I stopped [...]

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Our Backyard Mini-Farm

We're closeted hippie farmers around these parts.  We look the Modern Family part - blended with kids galore, house in the 'burbs, and a ridiculously large SUV, but in our hearts we're out riding tractors. Gabe grew up in the country, on land his family has owned for generations.  I spent summers on my grandparents' ranch, [...]

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We Kicked the Kids Out to Make Room for Our Marriage

When Gabe and I moved in together, our focus was nearly entirely on the children's transition.  All of our time was consumed by setting up the house, and making it a home for our bunch.  We carefully considered the balance of new vs. old, the need for a fresh start vs. familiar objects.  We painted rooms [...]

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