On Parenting and Plank Position and the Pain of the Present

I'm in plank position, toes flexed, torso rotated open, arm reaching for the sky when I hear her. "Breathe. Don't forget to breathe," the trainer whispers. I haven't forgotten. I'm holding my breath on purpose. I've been to enough pre-dawn punishing gym sessions to know that breathing makes it worse. Breathing removes resistance. It forces my [...]

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What A Difference A Year Makes

It was a year ago today that I hit the green "Publish" button on the very first post on This Life in Progress and held my breath. Like so many things in this divorced and blended journey, I had absolutely no idea what would come next. And, again like so many other things in this [...]

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I Know What You Heard About Me, and I Don’t Give A Flying Fork

Yesterday, this comment popped up in my review queue: At first glance, it's not anything noteworthy. I'm a public figure and share lots of the details of my family life online; I get lots of criticism from people who disagree with my perspective. That's okay. I don't pretend to be perfect (as my unshowered IG [...]

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Broody Business: What My Chicken Taught Me About Sacrifice and Control

Buffy is broody. This has happened before, and it's terribly inconvenient. The children are afraid of our broody Buffy because she hisses and pecks. She's nothing like her normal sweet self. Frightened children don't collect eggs. They whine about whose turn it is, and dawdle on the walk to the coop and generally avoid the [...]

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Yes, Sometimes I DO Want to Run Away. Here’s What I Do Next.

Yesterday, during that witching hour between dinner and bedtime, I walked out the back door and into our yard. I sat in an old faded plastic lawn chair, stared out into our too-long grass littered with foam arrows and bubble wands and wet sidewalk chalk, and thought about running away. I thought about what would [...]

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25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

My good friend and terrific stepmom blogger Jamie Scrimgeour shared her list earlier this week and I thought it was such fun to read I just had to make my own. If you don't know Jamie yet, please do yourself a favor and check out her blog. Her candid style and positive approach make her blog [...]

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What I Remember When I Have Nothing to Say

Some days I have nothing to say. Some days I am so far from my bliss, I can't see beyond the 257 mismatched socks piled and multiplying on the dryer. Some days I wonder what I was thinking when I said yes to all of this. I never imagined this complicated, swirling, noisy life. I [...]

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Broken and Beautiful

The accident was barely worth talking about. I'd taken the trash out one night, early in the summer I turned twelve. I  hummed and bounced the bag against my knee. When I came back into the house, my mother gasped in horror. I looked down and saw my leg soaked in blood. A broken glass [...]

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On Amelia Earhart and Narcissists and the Stories We Tell Ourselves

I've been thinking about Ameila Earhart lately.  Better said, I've been thinking about the story of Amelia Earhart lately. The story of this powerhouse record-holder has captivated me for years; I read her biographies, admired her moxie, and toyed with naming my daughter Amelia as a constant reminder that she could chart her own path. [...]

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What I Learned When I Gave Up the Mom Hustle

Sometimes the music started in the shower. Da da da da da badumpadum, da da da da da...that 70's tune often worked its way into my head before I was fully awake.  to me. "Do it," it whispered, and I paid close attention. The Hustle was real. Email the teacher, make a meal plan, finish the client [...]

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