What You Learn When You Can’t Go Home Again

The hot pavement blisters my feet the instant I step out of the car. I always kick my sandals off about an hour into the long ride, and in my hurry to get into the house, often leave them forgotten on the floorboards. The children stream out of the car, noisy and excited, running in and around [...]

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10 Things I’ve Learned About Being a Divorced Mom

10. Grief wallops you in the grocery store. You think you're safe in the frozen food aisle, or presenting to a client at work, or chaperoning a field trip with your child, but you're wrong. Grief doesn't care where you are or what you'd prefer to be doing. It arrives on its own schedule, brought on by [...]

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The Secrets I Keep and The Battle I’m Fighting

It happened again recently. A woman approached me after hearing me speak and said, "I know my situation is much worse than yours was, but..." She went on to describe a situation that closely mirrored one Gabe and I faced last year.  This well-intentioned woman assumed that because I hadn't addressed that specific issue in the [...]

How My Father’s Blunder Reminded Me We’re All Beginners

There's a rumor about me swirling in our small town. It's not the first time, of course. As you can imagine, when people realized my second husband is a man I'd known while married to my first, tongues wagged. I was ready for it then, and was comfortable that the people who mattered knew the truth and [...]

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How Changing My Headline Changed My Life

I was furious. Billy and I had just had a particularly tense custody exchange and while we didn't talk much, he'd managed to push every single one of my buttons. Every look, every sideline glance, every loud "your mother..." spoken to the kids landed just as it was intended, and I lost my cool. I [...]

This Divorced Mom’s Biggest Mistake

For a minute, I didn't understand what she said. The words just hung in the air, jumbled and meaningless. "I want to stay at Daddy's. I don't want to be here tonight." I couldn't quite catch my breath. My six year-old daughter Lottie sat watching me absorb what she'd just said. A lone tear escaped the [...]

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How (and Where!) to Start The Search for Divorced Parent and Blended Family Resources

Like many of you, I struggled to find the support I needed as a divorced mom. The parenting websites and books I'd frequented before my separation seemed not to apply now that my home was "broken," and the shelves of books in bookstores seemed to focus on me as a survivor or victim rather than a parent. [...]

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In Love Again? Here’s When To Tell The Kids

Dear Kate, I have been dating a great guy for the last 3 months. I have a 2 year old and his father and I have been separated since he was 4 months old. Neither of us have been in relationships since our separation so my son Xander has never seen either parent in a relationship. Xander has [...]

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Four Sure-Fire Ways to Sabatoge Your Coparenting Relationship

My children's father and I have a strong coparenting relationship, but it wasn't always that way. In the years since our divorce, we've survived months of not speaking and our share of tense custody exchanges and text battles. Even at our lowest point, I didn't speak poorly of Billy to the children and we didn't [...]

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Newsflash: Your Kid’s Current Weirdness? It’s Not About You

To All The Running Late, Overwhelmed, Skipped Breakfast and Lunch Moms and Dads: Here’s the thing: you’re not omnipotent. I know this comes as a shock to you, given all the awesome power you actually do possess. Locating a lone lost ballet slipper in the Lego bucket minutes before class, magicking dinner from an egg, [...]

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