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Kate Chapman is an executive coach, a writer and a mom and stepmom to six children, ages 7-15.  She writes about her modern-day Brady Bunch adventures at This Life in Progress. Kate helps divorced parents and stepfamilies survive and thrive.

Drawing on her extensive experience as an executive coach and her deep background in psychology and sociology, Kate writes about the tricky topics of divorce, coparenting and blended families.  She is an enthusiastic, positive cheerleader to all kinds of parents, no matter the prefix. Kate’s professional work has been featured widely.

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Kate is an accomplished public speaker, and would be happy to discuss speaking engagements on the topics of divorce recovery, coparenting, blended family dynamics and stepparenting.  She is open to contributing writer and other professional engagements.  She’s got a fair bit of experience with life plans gone awry, a topic that applies to a wide variety of audiences, and isn’t afraid to be truthful about the tough topics she covers.

Follow Kate on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest on her blended stepfamily adventures. Kate has curated a large collection of divorced and blended family resources on Pinterest that may be helpful to counselors, teachers and other professionals.

Contact Kate via email at kate {at} thislifeinprogress {dot} com,  or using the form below:

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