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Kate and Gabe share a happy moment

About Us

Call me Kate. My husband Gabe and I live on the East Coast with the six children in our modern-day Brady Bunch: Simon, Sara, Caden, Amy, Lottie and Jack. Our blended family of eight lives on our suburban mini-farm with our French bulldog Miller, six hens, and various other assorted pets (today, a hamster and a colony of bees. There’s a campaign underway for parakeets, but I digress).

I’m the founder of this community of divorced parents and blended families. We’re sharing our story, tips and tricks and failures too, so that other families affected by divorce and remarriage feel less alone. Is that you? You’ve found your tribe!

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My writing has a home here, but pops up all over the web. That may be why you think you know us!

Places you may have seen us

This Life in Progress Blog

I started This Life in Progress to share the story of our life together as a large, blended family. When Gabe and I first considered marriage, I searched for examples of blended families navigating their day to day lives. I had questions about schedules, co-parenting, step-parenting and so much more.

Published stories about blended families, few and far between, read like cautionary tales or clinical case studies. Resources were scarce, and many didn’t seem to fit our unique situation: two divorced parents each navigating the stepparent waters, each sharing custody. I was looking for community and found nothing. My hope is that this corner of the interwebs can be that community for single-parent, blended and stepfamilies of all kinds.

This Life in Progress isn’t only for blended families though, because — spoiler alert — the day-to-day life of a blended family often looks just like a traditional family. Our time is spent the same way other families spend their time: loading the dishwasher and finding lost permission slips and trying to get the dog to stop eating socks.

I hope that families of all kinds can see a bit of themselves on this site, and find support here.

Kate’s Story

This isn’t the life I imagined. In the life I imagined, and began, I married my college sweetheart, we had two or three children, lived in the suburbs, and built a life together. I had a big career in corporate America and was a terrific, balanced mama too. We grew old together and the kids visited often. Maybe we bought a beach house or traveled the world.

Somewhere in the middle, the life I imagined and the life I was living split apart. My sweetheart and I divorced, and I was a single mother. Then, when I least expected it, and after telling my best friend that I would think about marrying again when my preschooler was in college, I fell in love with Gabe. Gabe proposed, I accepted, and our story began.

This blended stepfamily life I’m living is richer and deeper and harder and louder than the life I imagined. In fact, this life, with its constant motion, resists planning and imagining. It swirls around us, in constant progress. We’re learning lessons about love and inclusion and kindness and patience every day. The gift of this experience, with all of the feelings and people involved, is one I never envisioned.

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