What A Difference A Year Makes

It was a year ago today that I hit the green “Publish” button on the very first post on This Life in Progress and held my breath.

Like so many things in this divorced and blended journey, I had absolutely no idea what would come next. And, again like so many other things in this life, what actually came next far, far exceeded the wildest, most hopped-up fantastic scenario I could have imagined.

Happy blogiversary!

Brene Brown says, “”[C]onnection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.” It was connection that was missing for me as a newly divorced mom. Connection to people who had lived what I was living. Connection to others who understood the bittersweet reality of ending something that wasn’t serving you and missing it at the same time. Connection to other parents working through the complicated, sticky coparenting mess I faced.

Connection was missing again for me when I married Gabe and found myself in the role of a modern Mrs. Brady. Where were the other stepmoms? Where was my instruction manual? Where was the life I thought I signed up for?

One year ago, on the recommendation of a counselor and with the somewhat reluctant support of my husband, I began to write about our life together. And I found the connection I needed.

One year later, I am looking back in total wonder and amazement at this journey. Today, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite fun facts about our little corner of the interwebs.


Your Favorite Posts


This Divorced Mom’s Biggest Mistake

The Ugly Truth About Blended Families

What Every Second Wife Needs to Hear

On this site alone, these three posts have been viewed more than 30,000 times. Each was also published widely by other outlets, including Today Parenting Team, The Huffington Post and Scary Mommy.

But my favorite thing about these top three? They each represent a story you’ve told me you are also living. The community here at This Life in Progress is made up of divorced parents, stepparents, and blended families, and the top three posts reflect that.

My Favorite Post

Six Kids is a Lot of Work and Other Truths 

This post is us, and me, and the whole hot mess of our lives, every day.

The Internet’s Not-So-Favorite Posts

Why I Don’t Love My Stepchildren As My Own

How Listening to My Husband Ended My Marriage

Why I Hate My Gas Guzzler and Why I Drive it Anyway

People love their SUVs. LOVE them. I got more nasty comments about talking trash about my Yukon XL than I did about nearly anything else. Oh, and I got some snarky birth control references too on that one (“She just ended up with six kids? Doesn’t she know how that works?”).

Also, sometimes people only read the titles and comment. Actually, lots of times they do that based on the stepchildren article.

Why Is No One Reading These?

Practically Perfect: 10 Ways Yesterday Rocked

All Mothers Matter

Six Ways to Keep Kids Safe Online

I think these are great and yet each has less than 500 views.

I don’t get it. Do they have toilet paper stuck to their shoe? Spinach in their teeth? What gives?

Where We’ve Been Featured


This just BLOWS.MY.MIND. I have no other words.

If you’d told me one year ago I’d have a personal relationship with editors, speak to morning show producers and be a featured guest on podcasts in the next several months, I’d have told you that sniffing glue is dangerous.

Blogging By The Numbers

Annual Page Views: 285,049

Peak Day: 5,020 (almost beat that yesterday!)

Hours I spend on each post: 2.5

Total Published Posts: 115

Average words written per week: 3650 (I’m a Talky McTalkerson)

First FB Live Topic: the gardenia plant in my bathroom

Average Reader Messages Per Day: 22

Monthly Hours Spent on TLIP Content and Responses: 80+

Free Resources Pinned on Pinterest: 5,500+

Unfiltered shots posted on Instagram: 249 (proof I’m no Millenial)

Social Media Outlet that I Always Forget: YouTube with 7 total posts

Marriage Proposals on Twitter: More than 30, also delivered to Gabe’s phone funnily enough

Total Annual Blog Profit: $672.75 (give or take a dime or two)

Most I’ve Been Paid for an Article: $50 (yup. And that was once. The rest of my published work is unpaid).

Free Webinar Attendees: 684

Classes Offered: 1 The Total Coparenting Transformation

Number of Times Jack Has Asked to Join My FB Live Broadcast: 137

Total Followers on Social Media: 12,476 (which feels crazy so I don’t think about it too much)

TLIP Trivia Top 10

  1. I’d never written anything except school papers and work presentations before hitting publish one year ago today.
  2. Sara and Caden read the blog religiously (hi Honeys!).
  3. The children, Billy and Gabe each have absolute veto power on any post, any time.
  4. The kids insisted the dog have a pseudonym to protect his privacy. He deserves no such courtesy; he’s an ass. His real name is Cooper, short for Sheldon Cooper, Theoretical Physicist.
  5. Gabe is the resident editor, and has some of the social media accounts on his phone because I am constantly forgetting mine.
  6. After writing this post, we started thinking seriously about buying a beach house. We’re weirdos.
  7. I continue to work a full-time day job while managing the blog. That’s why sometimes it takes me a bit to respond to your comments!
  8. I’m lucky to be good friends with many of the other moms and stepmoms blogging about this topic and recommend their work often! If you don’t know Malissa, Jamie, Naja, Erin, Grady, Amanda and Kristen, Ali, Gina, Jen, Sarah or Nicole go check them out!
  9. Very few people in my real life read the blog. In fact, my dad told me it was a waste of time and energy! Parents aren’t always right, as we know.
  10. This has been the most rewarding, fun, exhausting and exhilarating year I can remember.

Thank you.

Thank you for inviting me into your home. Thank you for inviting me into your life. Thank you for being the community I longed for and couldn’t find. This labor of love means so much to me.

Happy Blogiversary, Loves. Let’s do this again, shall we?

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