25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

My good friend and terrific stepmom blogger Jamie Scrimgeour shared her list earlier this week and I thought it was such fun to read I just had to make my own.

If you don’t know Jamie yet, please do yourself a favor and check out her blog. Her candid style and positive approach make her blog a must-read for stepmoms and blended families!

So, without further ado, here’s my list of secrets-no-more:

25. I grew up mainly overseas, and moved 18 times before I turned 18.

24. I wanted my first baby to be a girl so badly I cried when I found out Simon was Simon. I’d just never pictured myself as the mom of boys. Now I couldn’t picture my life any other way. Simon was the perfect start to my life as a mom.

23. I once forgot all the words to a song I was singing while on stage in front of 300 people. Thank goodness this was in the years before YouTube. Also, this is not my most embarrassing moment.

22. I am a die-hard 90’s country fan. I belt it long and loud in the car and in my kitchen and the children are constantly mortified.

21. I’d love to have much more land and many more animals than we do. I’d start with a mini-horse.

20. I don’t eat seafood. Yes, none of it. No, I’m not allergic.

19. I fell in love with leggings last fall and put on nearly 20 pounds.  No more buttery softness for this gal!

18. I once believed blended families and second marriages were somehow worth less than other marriages or families. Judgment about things I haven’t lived is a weakness of mine that I work on constantly. Also, the universe has a wicked sense of humor.

17. Gabe and I have the exact same birthday, day and year.

16. All the boys in our family go by their middle names. They spend every fall correcting teachers and maligning their parents. I wouldn’t recommend it.

15. I lost myself for a long time in the middle of my first marriage. I forgot who I was. About a year after my divorce, I found my mojo. I’m back now, and spending my time reminding others of their badass best selves is my favorite.

14. I absolutely hated being pregnant. I liked the idea of it, but mainly felt like an alien had taken over my body. Pregnancy isn’t for control freaks. It’s a good introduction to parenthood.

13. My favorite way to spend a rainy Saturday is snuggled in bed with Gabe, reading and binge watching Netflix. We’ve just finished Season 2 of Game of Thrones. I know. We’re so 2013.

12. I love a South American food called an empanada. I am constantly in search of the perfect version, and haven’t found it here in the States. My brother makes a mean imitation, but if your town has one, I’m up for a visit.

11. My favorite movie is Long Kiss Goodnight. I find it hilarious. It’s not a comedy.

10. I hide the good snacks.

9. I don’t drink wine. I know, right? Sometimes I feel like it makes me less of a mother.

8. I am very close to my family. My parents, sister, and brother all live within 15 minutes of me, and we eat dinner together most Sunday nights.

7.  If you have Pringles, a Cherry Coke Zero, and a Hershey’s bar with almonds, I will join you on a roadtrip. Anywhere. Gabe learned this early. Remember #22 before you invite me, though.

6. I use baking as a form of meditation and reflection. If I am baking all day, I’m working through something.

5. I spent a full career managing and leading change and I secretly hate it. HATE it. I find that has made me better at my job.

4. If I could live and work anywhere, you’d find me in southern Africa.

3. I am an obsessive list maker: 5-year lists, to do lists, grocery lists. They litter our house.

2. My two college roommates have been writers for the last 20 years. Up until last year, I was the odd woman out.

1. I truly and honestly believe right now is the best and richest time of my life. I am so wildly grateful for this loud, hot mess of a life sometimes it borders on obnoxious.

Bonus: I get hangry more often than I’d like to admit.

Have a question I haven’t answered? Just ask in the comments!


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  1. Catherine McDonough-Ratto August 14, 2017 at 3:50 am

    I love your list. #18 hits home, growing up with parents who aren’t divorced, really from a generation that didn’t get divorced (my parents relationship works well for them) it’s hard for me to fathom that I am now getting divorced with kids. The boys are older 17 & 14 and it seems my husband has had a drastic personality change in the last 6 or 7 years and is quite difficult to stay married to. So you’re correct the Universe has a wicked sense of humor when you judge you usually get dealt a similar hand that you’ve been judging. I’ve learned that I’ve over the years with many things so I try to be careful (I come from a judgemental family) and not judge lest I get hit with a similar situation sooner than later.

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