The Imperfect Truth About Our Perfect Blended Family Wedding

You've likely seen some of these images before. Our wedding was perfect. It was early spring and Gabe and I were madly in love. We filled our blended family's first day with lots of details that years later I still adore. But when I say it was perfect, I mean that we ended [...]

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Ready to Give Up on The Whole Dang Thing? Hang On and Try This

Last week, I worked late into the night, letting my thoughts drift to all the unorganized cobwebby corners of my mind as I typed. I decided to cut my hair short. I decided to quit blogging. I also decided to buy a new washing machine, talk to my ex about updating our child support calculation [...]

In Love Again? Here’s When To Tell The Kids

Dear Kate, I have been dating a great guy for the last 3 months. I have a 2 year old and his father and I have been separated since he was 4 months old. Neither of us have been in relationships since our separation so my son Xander has never seen either parent in a relationship. Xander has [...]

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Four Sure-Fire Ways to Sabatoge Your Coparenting Relationship

My children's father and I have a strong coparenting relationship, but it wasn't always that way. In the years since our divorce, we've survived months of not speaking and our share of tense custody exchanges and text battles. Even at our lowest point, I didn't speak poorly of Billy to the children and we didn't [...]

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Newsflash: Your Kid’s Current Weirdness? It’s Not About You

To All The Running Late, Overwhelmed, Skipped Breakfast and Lunch Moms and Dads: Here’s the thing: you’re not omnipotent. I know this comes as a shock to you, given all the awesome power you actually do possess. Locating a lone lost ballet slipper in the Lego bucket minutes before class, magicking dinner from an egg, [...]

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The Awesome Power of An Adults-Only Vacay (and How To Get One)

This may come as a shock to you, but Gabe and I did not marry because we wanted to create a stepfamily.  Our children are a wildly important part of our lives. My mom and stepmom identity is an important part of who I am, as is my identity as a wife, daughter, coach and writer, but [...]

The Troublesome Truth about Trips (and Four Ways to Cope)

This time of year always finds me itching for an escape. The regular routine of our life together seems to drone on endlessly. Check the school folders, take out the recycling, walk the dog; wash, rinse and repeat. The weather is warming just enough to make me ache for long sunny days and warm breezes, [...]

Why We Celebrate a Family-Versary (and Why You Should Too)

"I can't find my shirt," Lottie yells from upstairs. "Don't leave me!" "I have the books!" shouts Amy as she rushes out the door to join most of the others, already strapped in the car and ready to roll. It's our family-versary and excitement is high. Our family-versary is simply the anniversary of the day [...]