Hit the Road With These Single Parent Travel Tips

We have travel in our blood. Each of my children was airborne before he could sit up, and I've changed diapers on three continents. For the past fifteen years, we've traveled by plane, train and automobile anywhere our hearts desired, and our wallets stretched to afford. Given my divorce and the complexities of our now blended family [...]

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Why I Hate My Gas Guzzler, and Why I Drive it Anyway

I hate my car. I gave up my little gas-sipping sedan when we got married.  That car, I loved. That car carried my babies and my receipts and emergency ballet flats stuffed under the seat. That car could be effortlessly navigated into any parking space, had generous cargo room, and windshield wipers that knew it was [...]

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How Do We Tell The Kids Our Divorce Story?

Dear Kate, My 16 year-old stepdaughter has done a few things to make us think she is wondering why her parents divorced. We're hoping to ease her mind by sharing more information.   Did you tell your children why you and Billy divorced? What's a kind way to go about having that conversation? What worked? [...]

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Coming Home: Custody Transition Do’s and Don’ts

Over the years, Billy and I have shared custody many different ways.  We've bird nested, alternated every two days, spent time in a 2/5/5/2, and most recently, adopted a week to week schedule.  While when the children change homes has varied throughout our coparenting journey, how they feel coming home on transition day has not. Transition day is [...]

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How I Accidentally Found Love Again

It was my therapist who insisted on the online dating account. She said it wasn't healthy to never date again after divorce. I disagreed, but opened the account to show her that I was a healthy, balanced person who listened to professional advice. I never planned on actually dating anyone. My sister helped me with my [...]

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5 Ways We Keep Our Romance Alive

In the early days of our relationship, before we lived together and jointly managed 17 weekly loads of laundry, a rotten dog and a pantry that never has any good snacks, romance came easily. Gabe left slim volumes of Pablo Neruda's poetry on my bedside table and I wrote him long love letters. We met [...]

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Our Top 10 Blended Family Traditions

Gabe and I relish the time we spend in our big blended family, and over time, have built traditions that bring us closer.  Today, we're sharing our favorites, in no particular order.  No order because all eight of us have favorites, and deciding on an ordered list would take two years. No time for that nonsense. [...]

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Why Stepparent Boundaries Matter

The fight erupted before it was light this morning.  Shouting and slamming doors and spilled cereal.  I pulled the covers up and rolled over.  When the sound of the shower stopped, I called in to Gabe that the natives seemed restless and went back to sleep.  My three weren't here, so I was off duty. We [...]

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What My Fridge Taught Me About Belonging

"How do I get on the fridge?" All eight of us were crammed in the kitchen, prepping for dinner.  The Littles precariously poured the milk, delighted to have scored set-up duty.  The Middles hummed Hamilton (a staple around here lately), and the Bigs hung around picking at platters and getting their hands smacked. "What?" I stopped [...]

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