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Kate and Gabe

We can help. With hundreds of candid essays, free exclusive tools, the largest curated collection of resources on the web and access to accredited coaches, This Life in Progress supports single, divorced, step and coparents navigate their modern blended family.

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Kate and Gabe

Founder Kate Chapman is a widely published author and professional coach. She’s also a mom and stepmom to six children with her husband Gabe. Kate created This Life in Progress as a safe space for anyone parenting after the first family fairytale.

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A Love Letter to All Stepdads (and Especially My Husband)

I see you, you know. I see you watching my sixteen year-old son, waiting for the right time to offer your help. He's at our kitchen table, hands woven through his curly hair, struggling with an advanced math problem that would be easy for you. I see you carefully weighing the [...]

To The Woman Who Called Me Sanctimonious and Lustful: Thank You (Yes, Really)

Last week, I finished a client session, returned to my desk and found this letter waiting in my inbox. "Dear Kate, You may love your kids more than you hate your ex, but please, do not allow yourself to be sanctimonious about it. Some people divorce because their spouse becomes [...]

How We Survive Summer With Six Kids (in 5 Easy Steps)

It's coming. The children are gleefully counting down the days and parents everywhere are white-knuckle bracing for the same. Summer is almost here. With six children in our busy household, summers are epic. Epic for the children in that they involve long lazy afternoons at the lake, firefly chasing in the evenings [...]

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I am wife to Gabe, mom to Simon, Caden, and Lottie, and stepmom to Sara, Amy, and Jack. I’m a passionate cheerleader for parents with a prefix (divorced, single, step, co…you get it). I work as a writer and professional coach, raising awareness about blended families and divorce, and helping clients define a brighter future. We live on our suburban mini-farm with our mischievous French bulldog, Miller, six broody hens, and three bunnies. When I’m not coaching or writing, I spend my time feeding and watering the children and livestock and turning off lights in empty rooms. This blended family adventure is one I never planned, and the hardest job I’ve ever loved. Stay a while and let’s get to know each other.

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      New on the blog: why I run out into the night when the drama of this stepmom divorced mom life gets to me ✨
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      I dreamed I was home, but woke knowing the truth. New post on the blog about my relationship with my ex in-laws and the lessons I've learned.
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