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Kate and Gabe

We can help. With hundreds of candid essays, free exclusive tools, the largest curated collection of resources on the web and access to accredited coaches, This Life in Progress supports single, divorced, step and coparents navigate their modern blended family.

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Kate and Gabe

Founder Kate Chapman is a widely published author and professional coach. She’s also a mom and stepmom to six children with her husband Gabe. Kate created This Life in Progress as a safe space for anyone parenting after the first family fairytale.

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I Know What You Heard About Me, and I Don’t Give A Flying Fork

Yesterday, this comment popped up in my review queue: At first glance, it's not anything noteworthy. I'm a public figure and share lots of the details of my family life online; I get lots of criticism from people who disagree with my perspective. That's okay. [...]

Broody Business: What My Chicken Taught Me About Sacrifice and Control

Buffy is broody. This has happened before, and it's terribly inconvenient. The children are afraid of our broody Buffy because she hisses and pecks. She's nothing like her normal sweet self. Frightened children don't collect eggs. They whine about whose turn it is, and dawdle [...]

Yes, Sometimes I DO Want to Run Away. Here’s What I Do Next.

Yesterday, during that witching hour between dinner and bedtime, I walked out the back door and into our yard. I sat in an old faded plastic lawn chair, stared out into our too-long grass littered with foam arrows and bubble wands and wet sidewalk chalk, [...]

What My Daughter’s Birthday Party Taught Me About Mistakes

Lottie birthday party is in two weeks. You likely already know that; unless you're reading this from the frozen tundra of Antarctica or the secluded Savannah of southern Africa, because she's probably told you herself. The baggers at our grocery store know. The receptionist at [...]

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I’m the founder of This Life in Progress, and the creator of the highly-acclaimed Total Coparenting Transformation course. I’m also a coparenting expert, an award-winning blogger, an experienced executive coach, and a widely published author with a deep background in psychology and sociology.

That all sounds terribly important, but the truth is the roles I’m proudest of are mom and stepmom to six terrific kiddos, ages 8-16.

My husband Gabe and I live on our suburban mini-farm with our blended bunch, a naughty Frenchie and six broody hens. When I’m not here cheering you on, I spend my time feeding the children and livestock and turning off lights in empty rooms.

This coparenting blended family adventure is one I never planned, and the hardest job I’ve ever loved. I’m pretty sure you know exactly what I mean. Stay a while and let’s get to know each other.

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